JumpStartIR??? Track Registration for Thermal Imaging Conference (TIC)

3-6 June 2013 | San Diego CA
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United Infrared, Inc. is hosting the Thermal Imaging Conference (TIC) in San Diego this 3-6 June 2013. That is about a week from now but it is not too late yet.

As part of the Conference, United Infrared have created the JumpStartIR??? track, specifically designed for those of you who want to know the real potential for infrared (IR) thermography, its limitations, and importantly, how you can integrate IR into your business plan.

The Conference (www.thermalimagingconference.com)

This conference is set up in tracks with 50 breakout sessions (www.thermalimagingconference.com/?page_id=11), so you can concentrate on your areas of interest or delve into something new and different.

Building Surveying, Electromechanical P/PM, Medical, Research and Development and a wide and varying Specialty applications await you.

If you are a United Infrared Member, on June 6th there is an all-day session on Marketing.

Here’s the program schedule: thermalimagingconference2013.sched.org/


The JumpStartIR??? Track registration gets you to the “IR Conference of the Year”. You will have the opportunity to attend a preset schedule of 8 courses and other sessions over 2?? days, specifically designed to give you the ‘jump start’ you need. This will allow you to see a wide array of infrared cameras, training and related tools. Since most major camera manufacturers will be on hand there, you’ll have a chance to talk with all of them and check out their latest and greatest cameras…and all the related technology.

Importantly, you will have the ability to learn from experts in the infrared field and network with successful infrared thermography contractors from all over the USA and around the world – in an awesome, 4-star hotel setting in San Diego’s Gas Lamp District.

This opportunity is essentially free for you because JumpStartIR is $595, but included with your registration is a coupon worth up to $595, which you can apply towards any training, certification or infrared camera purchase through United Infrared.

Also, one lucky attendee will be winning two round-trip tickets to Australia courtesy of Virgin Australia!

To register for JumpStartIR??? online, JumpStartIR Link– Click Here!


Contact United Infrared’s office, toll free, at 888-722-6447 or email info@unitedinfrared.com.