KeyStone Infrared Joins United Infrared Network

KeyStone Infrared thermography

Mechanicsburg PA, USA –KeyStone Infrared announces they have joined the United Infrared Network?? to provide many of the United Infrared thermography methodologies to clients in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Keystone Infrared now additionally provides:

  • EnergyScanIR??? Heat Loss Residential Surveys for homeowners and utility providers,
  • BlockWallScanIR??? Services for building owners, architects, structural engineers and general contractors,
  • RoofScanIR??? Services for flat roof building owners, roofing engineers and contractors, and
  • EquineIR??? Services for horse owners, trainers and Veterinarians.

KeyStone Infrared is an infrared service company based in Mechanicsburg, PA.?? owned by Joseph Cline.

???We provide a unique range of professional infrared services for a wide variety of clients in the Pennsylvania area,” states Joe. ???Being part of a nationwide network provides our company with a huge resource of expertise in many different applications of infrared thermography, which we will provide to our clients,??? he adds.

???We are delighted to welcome Keystone Infrared as a member of our network and look forward to working with them,??? said Peter Hopkins, UI???s Vice President. United Infrared is the world???s largest network of multi-disciplined infrared thermographers.

EnergyScanIR??? is a network of trained infrared thermographers with a simple goal???to help homeowners save energy.

???We use state-of-the-art infrared equipment to find the exact locations of heat loss and air leaks in homes.?? Those areas can be repaired to reduce energy consumption and utility costs.?? Current EnergyScanIR??? customers say that they have realized a savings of 10-15% on their energy bill.

Infrared Thermography is a proven diagnostic technique recommended by the US Department of Energy for identifying areas of heat loss.?? A scan of a home can identify where dollars are being wasted, no matter what type of heating or cooling system is being used.

???EnergyScanIR??? members are experienced building technicians and Certified Infrared Thermographers who have been trained in infrared thermography of residential heat loss.??? states Peter Hopkins, Vice President of United Infrared, Inc.?? “We are glad to welcome Keystone Infrared as our EnergyScanIR??? partner and look forward to working together.???