LumaSense Adds Avio Portable Thermal IR Imagers to Product Lineup

NEW Imagers Are Robust Thermal Infrared Imaging Cameras

Thermo GEAR G120 EX / G100 EX
Thermo GEAR G120 EX / G100 EX

Santa Clara, CA, USA – –  LumaSense Technologies, Inc., announced its partnership with Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd., an NEC Group Company, to distribute Avio portable imagers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

“We pride ourselves in being a comprehensive solution provider to our customers, and Avio infrared imagers enhance our ability to do that,” said LumaSense CEO Steve Abely. “

We now have the most robust portfolio of infrared temperature sensing equipment available to energy, industrial, and high tech manufacturers in the world,” continued Abely.

“We picked LumaSense to be our distributor for Avio imagers because of their expertise in temperature products and their deep customer relationships,” said Masa Kuramoto, Chief Specialist of Nippon Avionics’ Thermal Imaging Division.

“LumaSense’s imaging software is very sophisticated and really brings out the quality of our imagers,” added Kuramoto.

The agreement allows for Santa Clara based LumaSense to market and sell the Avio F20/F30, G100EX/G120EX, R300SR, R500, S30 and TS9260/30 series imagers. The various series range from highly rugged and compact to offering the highest resolution available on the market.

“This range enables us to select exactly the right imager for specific customer and application needs, said LumaSense VP of Sales & Marketing, Ron Sutton. “In combination with our other fiber optic temperature sensors and infrared thermometers, we can assemble specific application solutions to address very complicated manufacturing problems. Solving these problems is very valuable to our customers’ bottom line,” continued Sutton.

More information can be learned about the various Avio imagers on LumaSense’s website.

About LumaSense Technologies, Inc.

LumaSense Technologies, Inc. is one of the world’s most trusted providers of innovative temperature and gas sensing devices. By applying LumaSense’s proven systems and software, customers in Global Energy, Industrial Materials, and Advanced Technologies are able to reduce waste and inefficiency in their processes.

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About Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd.(AVIO)

Nippon Avionic Co., LTD is an NEC Group Company based in Tokyo Japan. Founded in 1960 as joint entity between NEC Corporation and Hughes Aircraft Company, Nippon Avionics is a global maker of micro joining equipment, thermal imaging cameras, multilayered boards and other various electrical components.

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