Maggots & infrared cameras help solve murders

Police can detect decomposing remains at a kilometre

Infrared PictureOnline — In an article “How maggots and infrared cameras are solving murders”, by Tanya Farber in TimesLIVE from South Africa, a thermal infrared image taken by Mike Lee / Western Australia Police, shows maggot activity enabling police to find human remains.

“You’ve got to love how human beings can turn the macabre into magic – or in this case‚ the maggots into the mystery-solvers.

“A police researcher in Australia has invented a way to detect decomposing corpses from high up in the sky using an infrared camera. “

“The camera‚ which is mounted onto a helicopter‚ is able to detect heat on and around a corpse‚ enabling police to find a missing body that they would not be able to pinpoint at ground level.

“The science behind the invention is as fascinating as the gadget itself: basically‚ when a person dies‚ their body turns stone cold as all the systems shut down and the warm blood stops coursing through their veins.”

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