Meet the ViewIR 60

Thermal camera ViewIR 60
Thermal camera ViewIR 60

Dresden,?? GERMANY –?? InfraTec GmbH has expanded their product family of handheld infrared imagers by introducing a new model, the ViewIR.?? 60 With the ViewIR 60 a very compact thermal binocular can be offered which benefits from its slim dimensions and just 1.5 kg total weight.

A range performance of about 2.1 km (human detection) and 4.7 km (vehicle detection), respectively, allows solving even ambitious observing tasks.

Image date can be stored internally or exported via the standard USB interface. Additional interfaces feature a serial interface for remote controlling and an analogue video output.

The IP67-rated aluminum body allows using ViewIR 60 even under tough environmental conditions. Standard accessories included are a rugged hard-case, powerful rechargeable batteries, charger and connection cables.

Further information can be found here.

About InfraTec GmbH

InfraTec GmbH is focussed on quality products and services based on its vast expertise in the infrared technology. Founded in 1991 InfraTec has its own development and production facilities and employs more than 180 professionals. The sensor division received the Prism Award for Photonics Innovation in the category “Detectors, Sensing, and Imaging Systems” at PHOTONICS WEST for the “MEMS tuneable Fabry-Perot Interferometer for Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy”.

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