MWIR Thermal Imaging App in Laser Welding

Captures MWIR images of laser welding at high speed.

Figure 1:
Figure 1: If a laser beam with sufficient irradiance to melt metal is focused at or into the surface of a work piece, a keyhole is formed. By measuring the thermal characteristics of the weld pool during the welding process, the nature of any potential faults can be determined.

Article: “MWIR imaging maintains the quality of laser welds” Author: Rodrigo Linares, Business Development Manager, New Infrared Technologies, Published by:

“Due to their inherent efficiency, repeatability and ease of maintenance, the use of lasers in automobile manufacturing has increased dramatically over the last decade.

“While most laser-based systems are predominantly used to cut parts, a significant number are employed in other applications such as welding, marking and additive manufacturing.

“During the laser welding process, changes in process parameters can affect the quality, size and properties of a welded joint. Any such changes that do occur may compromise the mechanical behavior of the welded component, leading to a failure in service.

“Hence, monitoring and controlling the laser welding process has become vitally important to ensure the quality of welded joints.

“To perform this task, researchers at three European companies and institutions are working to create a laser welding monitoring and control system.

“Under the auspices of an EU-funded project called Laser equipment ASessment for High impact innovation in the manufactuRing European industry (LASHARE), New Infrared Technologies (NIT; Boadilla del Monte, Spain; AIMEN Centro Tecnológico (Porriño, Spain; and Centro Ricerche Fiat (Orbassano, Italy; have joined forces to develop a system that can ascertain the quality of welded sheets of steel by capturing and processing images of the welding process from an uncooled MWIR sensor.”

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Companies mentioned

AIMEN Centro Tecnológico
Porriño, Spain

Centro Ricerche Fiat
Orbassano, Italy

New Infrared Technologies
Boadilla del Monte, Spain

Permanova Lasersystem
Mölndal, Sweden

Rofin Sinar
Hamburg, Germany