NEC Avio???s latest High Performance/Resolution IR Imager

InfReC Thermography R300
InfReC Thermography R300

San Fernando CA, USA — InfReC Thermography R300 is a High Performance, Multi-Purpose Thermal Imager from NEC Avio. Its?? thermal image resolution is 0.05 ??C with an image that measures 320 x 240 pixels. It comes, as standard, loaded with many unique features.

This model is economically priced, features temperature measurement to 2000 ??C. It has a separate viewfinder and LCD monitor, provides 60 Hz real-time radiometric video recording to PC via USB.

Product Features:

  • World-Class Performance is achieved by incorporating a sensor with the latest technologies
    • Resolution: (NETD) 0.05 ??C @ 30 ??C
    • Accuracy: ??1 ??C
    • Minimum Focus Distance from 10 cm. Ideal for determining accurate location of abnormalities and capturing small objects.
    • Minimum Dectectable Size: Approx. 120 ??m at 10 cm distance (with standard lens).
    • Optional Lenses:
      • 2x Telephoto
      • 0.5x Wide Angle
      • Close-Up
    • Optional High Temperature Range up to 2000 ??C
  • Real-Time Data Capture and High PC Work Efficiency
    • Simultaneous Video Capture of Thermal/Visible images to PC via USB2.0.
    • InfReC Analyzer NS9500PRO for R300 software included as standard. Includes analysis of moving images.
    • Thermal Image Movie Recording onto the Camera (SD) Memory Card.
    • Saving JPEG in fully Radiometric format enables users to review captured images on PC without special software.

For more information about this unique, high-performance imager, visit the web page:

SOLTEC has dedicated over 45 years to providing quality Data Acquisition and Recording Instruments & Systems. Today???s products are designed to serve modern technology Test & Measurement applications from R&D to Preventive/Predictive Maintenance. SOLTEC???s now include Multi-channel High Speed Data Acquisition Recorders; Vehicle Driving Robots for both dynamometer and autonomous applications; and NEC Avio High Performance Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras and Systems for both handheld and fixed monitoring applications and the unique ability to record full Radiometric Thermal Images Synchronous with Analog Phenomena.NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., Ltd. (NEC Avio) a subsidiary of Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. (an NEC Corporation subsidiary) with world headquarters in Tokyo, Japan has acquired SOLTEC Corporation (SOLTEC) with headquarters in San Fernando, CA as of 01 January 2011.

NEC Avio a manufacturer of high technology Thermal Imaging Cameras and Data Acquisition Recording systems offers their entire line of products in addition to SOLTEC’s on going product line.

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