NEW FLIR K45 Thermal Imaging Camera for Firefighters

FDIC Capt. Jason Ellison introduces the FLIR K45 thermal imaging camera

Online  —  In this video, FDIC Captain Jason Ellison introduces the new FLIR K45 thermal imaging camera (TIC) for firefighting.

Built for easy, one-handed operation, the K45 features five video modes with Flexible Scene Enhancement (FSX) for ultra-crisp thermal images in the darkest, smokiest environments.

At less than $4,200, the K45 is affordable enough to be on every truck.

FLIR K-Series Thermal Imaging Camera Features

K-Series Thermal Imagers for Fire Protection
K-Series Thermal Imagers for Fire Protection

Clear and Crisp Thermal Images
The maintenance free uncooled microbolometer sensor produces detail-rich images at 240 x 180 pixels (FLIR K45) or 320 x 240 pixels (FLIR K55).

Thermal images are displayed on a large bright 4” LCD, helping you navigate easier and make more efficient and more accurate decisions.

FSX™ Flexible Scene Enhancement NEW!
FSX enhances K45 and K55 thermal images through real-time digital processing inside the camera. The result is an ultra-sharp image that shows extraordinary structural, edge, and other instantly-recognizable detail.

This helps make it much easier for firefighters and rescue teams to find their way through the smokiest, darkest environments, and to instantly identify targets in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics.

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