NEW Hema-Imager Wi-Fi IR camera on sale today only

A shutter-less system

Hema_productlogo_highresBay Village OH, USA  —  The new Hema-Imager will be only $235, before going up to $255 on midnight today, April 28th.

The new Hema-Imager, including a HTPA 82×62 shutterless thermal imaging sensor, WiFi module, rechargeable battery and micro-USB power/charging.

This WiFi thermal camera uses the same great sensor as the HemaVision and benefits from our expertise in thermal modularization and calibration.

Announced Tuesday morning (April 28) on the and open up an early backer level at $235 for one day, ending at midnight, and then they’ll go to $255 per device, a savings of 35% over a single dev kit imaging sensor elsewhere (, check it out).

They will also offer 3 different packs of these for a DIY home security system or IOT thermal kit (2,3 and 4 units). If we get over 100 backers on this device, they will introduce a housing option.

Spread the word, this is a pretty amazing device on offer, and the $255 price won’t last after next Monday.

Their final day is May 4th!

Let them know if you have any questions, and if you have a question of general interest, feel free to use the comment page on the HemaVision campaign page (

After two years of prototyping and development, the Hema-Imager hardware has wireless capability and long battery life. Additionally, the patent-pending software allows operation with any smartphone or tablet.

The imaging sensor resolution (0.61 angular degrees), temperature measurement range (-50 to 450 °F) and accuracy (0.2 °F), is only surpassed by thermal imaging devices that sell for $999 and higher.

Furthermore, the Hema-Imager uses a thermal sensing technology that is unique amongst professional imagers and has the added benefit of being a shutter-less system.

On most systems, shutters are necessary to keep the image uniform, but cause the image to appear to freeze for a few seconds during use.

The Hema-Imager’s sensor technology is always uniform, which is a major advantage.
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