New iCelsius Chef App for iOS

Innovative iOS app from Aginova Inc. now on the app store

Screen Shot iCelsius Chef LogoOnline  —  Aginova took all of the features that you loved about the iCelsius app and added a whole new level of interactivity.

The iCelsius Chef app enables you to create detailed step-by-step recipes that you can easily share with others around the world.

Users can easily upload pictures of your ingredients, record voice memos detailing your step to add personality to your recipes.

You can also add temperature thresholds that alert you when you food is ready. (when used in unison with an iCelsius BBQ probe)

Monitor your temperatures to cook to perfection.

The iCelsius BBQ probe series is now more expansive than ever, including the tethered line, wireless, and the recently released Bluetooth probe.

All of these probes are compatible with iCelsius Chef and can be purchased from

Share your recipes, see who’s cooking what anywhere in the world!

One of the most interesting things we have included in iCelsius Chef is the ‘Cook Map’ feature. With this tool our users can see what recipes are currently being cooking all across the world. Zoom out and pan over to other countries to find exotic new dishes to try with your family!

The news feed tab will keep you up to dates with announcements on the latest app updates, new products, and sales

Manage your recipes with our sleek, easy to navigate interface.

Build an entire library of recipes to easily access anytime you feel like preparing something special! We strive to continuously improve our app through the feedback of our customers.

We have worked really hard to bring this to you, and we believe you will truly enjoy all that this app has to offer!

Download the app here!

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