NEW IR Camera Sees Through Flames

Versatile Camera for Furnace, Boiler and Electrical Inspections…

FLIR GF309 Looking Into Furnace Inspection Port
FLIR GF309 Looking Into Furnace Inspection Port

Croissy-Beaubourg, FRANCE –?? The FLIR GF309 is a new infrared camera from FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) specially designed for high temperature inspection of industrial furnaces, heaters and boilers.

The camera is equipped with a special mid wave “flame filter” that is specifically engineered for high temperature operation (up to 1500 ??C).
Custom-built to see through flames, the GF309 also features a detachable heat shield designed to reflect heat away from the camera and camera operator, providing increased protection.

The FLIR GF309 infrared camera provides temperature readings across the entire surface of your heater / boiler / furnace and will help you to inspect faster, work safer and avert unscheduled shutdowns.

As the camera has an exceptionally wide temperature measurement range (-40 ??C to + 1500 ??C) it offers the added versatility of also being able to perform electrical and mechanical inspections, making it a very useful tool for its owner.

Images from the FLIR GF309 camera are recordable to any off the shelf video recorder enabling easy archiving and documentation.?? Data is compatible with FLIR QuickReport and FLIR Reporter software enabling professional inspection reporting.

The FLIR GF309 includes a tiltable, flip-out 4.3-inch high contrast colour LCD enabling users to view targets more safely from many angles.

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