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The Snell Groups: IR & Radiometry for Natural Science Apps | IR for Weatherization | Level I – IR for Building Apps

Montpelier VT, USA –These new course from the Snell Group will provide a sound basis for success in using thermal imaging in several popular and emerging applications (apps). All of the Snell Group Infrared Courses listed on their courses webpage ( can be administered for one set price as a customized on-site training class at your location.

To receive a quote on a customized on-site training class, please contact us, or call them at 1.800.636.9820 (toll-free in the US and Canada) or at +1.802.229.9820.

If participants own an infrared camera they are encouraged to bring one. If you do not own an infrared camera there will be different cameras from inexpensive low resolution to high end resolution systems available for use at the class.

At the conclusion of the course participants will be able to operate an IR camera; be able to understand the different type of thermal anomalies and their impact on surface temperature and pattern; know how to conduct baseline data collection; understand and perform radiometric temperature measurement as accurately as possible, understand the limitations and appropriateness of the technology and be able to perform basic image analysis and reporting functions.

A quick description of each course is found below and much more information is available on their website, including schedule, pricing and registration.

IR & Radiometry for Natural Science Applications – This course will provide a sound basis for success in using thermal imaging for natural science applications. Topics include human and animal thermal imaging and non contact temperature measurement, equine thermal imaging, fever detection and screening, use of cameras for field detection of plants, animals, terrain, sub-surface detection, laboratory data collection and statistical data analysis and trending.

IR for Weatherization and Energy Audits – This two-day course is designed for energy auditors and weatherization contractors who use, or are considering adding, thermal imaging to inspect residential homes.

Level I – Infrared for Building Applications – This 32 hour course is for energy auditors, weatherization contractors, home inspectors and facility maintenance personnel who use thermal imaging to inspect residential homes and small commercial buildings. The class is designed to meet the proposed BPI and RESNET standards, is recognized for 16 CEU’s from BPI, will satisfy the Level I infrared educational requirements from ASNT and, in Canada, meet the new National Master Specifications (NMS) Section 02 27 13, Thermographic Assessment; Building Envelope.

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