NEW Low Cost Miniature Infrared Camera

Miniature LWIR IR Camera

MSCAM1670 Miniature LWIR Camera
MSCAM1670 Miniature LWIR Camera From Turkey

Baltimore MD, USA — This new compact LWIR imager, MSCam1670, from Mikrosens Electronik (Turkey) was shown with a group of related sensor and products at the SPIE.DSS Exposition in Baltimore MD, USA 21-23 April 2015.

While this is a remarkable first introduction by a new supplier in the thermal imager sensing business, it is not the first and more and more capable devices are already in their pipeline according to their representative on the Exposition Booth.

Pricing is estimated to be in the $150 USD range.

Aimed at applications like:

  • Automotive
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Advanced Presence Detection
  • Machine Vision
  • Consumer Electronics

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor FPA:  MS1670A, 160x120FPA with 70 ?m detector pitch
  • Lens Options: F/1.2 and F/1.0, no shutter included
  • Spectral Range: 7.5 ?m –13.5 ?m (LWIR)
  • Dimensions: 2.3 inch cube
  • Weight: 80 g with F/1.2 optics
  • Electrical Power: < 500 mW, USB powered
  • Electrical Interface: USB 2.0 compatible standard data stream, CMOS parallel data available with synchronization signals
  • Camera Electronics Sensor is directly wire bonded on the PCB;  Power regulators, low noise ADC, low power FPGA
  • Frame Rate:  Up to 30 fps (may be limited by the connected mobile platform)
  • Video Signal Resolution: 18 bits
  • Data Stream: 18 bits resolution,frame/row tagging
  • Software: Available with advanced image processing capabilities and SDK
  • Platform: Compatible with any MS Windows© powered hardware with USB 2.0 interface and most of the Android© powered mobile phones and tablets

Interested in more details?  They are on the company’s website:

Mikrosens develops cost-effective, patented CMOS-based MEMS uncooled microbolometer infrared sensors and camera systems for a wide range of applications.

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