NEW Pyroscan for Rotary Kiln Combustion Zone Monitoring

PYROSCAN with HDR Technology to be launched IEEE Cement Show 13-15 April 2014

Pyroscan 250x188
Cambridge MA, USA — (PRWEB) — HGH Infrared Systems proudly announces the debut of their newest all-in-one solution for rotary kiln combustion and entrance cooler temperature monitoring.

The new PYROSCAN is a pyrometric camera model powered by Ethernet with the highest resolution on the market (1.2 Megapixels), allowing accurate noncontact measurements of temperatures in every image point, through the 1300 ??F to 3250 ??F thermal range.

PYROSCANThe major innovative feature is the use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology which produces a contrasting image without the effect of underexposed or conversely saturated areas, an essential aspect to simultaneously see the details of the flame as well as the clinker.

Additionally, the PYROSCAN software provides an anti-dust image processing filter and analyzes lines for flame shape monitoring, in order to optimize the combustion process, all the more important with the increased use of alternative fuels.

Finally, the new design is completely modular and compact, weighing in at just 6 kg without the frame.

This new PYROSCAN is contained in water cooled housing and a pneumatic actuated frame, which is very well-adapted to the harsh environments often associated with Industrial Kilns.

HGH Infrared Systems??? new PYROSCAN provides an analyzing eye inside the kiln, to efficiently control combustion conditions and potential issues at the cooler entrance. Overall, the PYROSCAN allows production managers to maintain a more stable manufacturing process, achieve increased productivity and reduce maintenance.

HGH Infrared Systems, with thirty years of experience and success in cutting-edge infrared technology, looks to usher in a new generation of their award-winning products with the PYROSCAN.

HGH Infrared Systems will be officially announcing the product launch at the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference show in National Harbor MD (Washington DC), USA April 13-17th.

HGH Infrared Systems, Founded in 1982, designs, develops, assembles and sells complete high end optronics systems for security, industrial and civil applications. HGH???s team of highly qualified engineers is comprised of experts in optics, software, mechanics and electronics and operates in the USA from Boston, MA. HGH strives to provide advanced and innovative infrared equipment to protect their clients all around the world, while keeping the agility and dedication of a small and passionate team. Speed, flexibility, technical excellence and innovation constitute their core values. HGH has established itself as an international reference for infrared technology innovation, with their Kilnscan winning Paper Industry Magazine???s Product of the Month in 2013.

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