New Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging (qOGI) technology

Immediate Quantification of Gas Leaks

Providence Photonics’ QL320™
Providence Photonics’ QL320™

Meer, Belgium  —  FLIR Systems, in partnership with Providence Photonics, announces new Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging (qOGI) technology, the Providence Photonics’ QL320™ that is designed to work exclusively with FLIR GF-Series cameras.

Quantitative OGI represents a critical step forward in the world of optical gas imaging because it eliminates the need for secondary sampling devices to quantify gas emissions.

How well the system is able to quantify a specific gas is a function of the FLIR camera, which may be more sensitive to one compound than another. This can be measured relative to a reference compound, with the resulting value called Response Factor (RF).

By using Providence Photonics’ QL320™ in conjunction with a FLIR GFx320 or FLIR GF320 camera, surveyors can now measure mass leak rates (lb/h or g/h) or volumetric leak rates (cc/min or L/min) for most hydrocarbons.

FLIR GFx320 ogi cameraThe Providence Photonics’ QL320™ can be used at a variety of distances, so operators can monitor hard to reach areas and storage tanks as well as survey massive leaks from a safe location.

Additionally, the Providence Photonics’ QL320™ offers built-in Delta Temperature screening tools that enable the user to assess thermal contrast during leak inspections.

This technique ensures inspections are performed with optimal temperature difference between the gas leak and the background, which is directly in line with requirements laid out in the EPA’s latest methane regulation (OOOOa).

The Providence Photonics’ QL320™ is portable, easy to use, and provides results in the field within seconds.

A series of new videos is available showing examples of how this exciting new technology quantifies leaks – based on pounds of gas released per hour.

The Providence Photonics’ QL320™ can also provide an archive of measurements for reporting and analysis purposes.

For further information on qOGI technology and how it can quantify how much gas you are losing please visit or contact FLIR Systems at / +32-3665-5100.

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