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TiCAM 90

Cambridge, UK — Thermoteknix Systems Ltd has launched a new and comprehensive range of Mil-Spec non-ITAR handheld thermal imagers for variety of applications for 2015. 

The TiCAM Thermal Night Vision series is based on the award-winning Thermoteknix MicroCAM™ thermal imaging core technology.

TiCAM monoculars and binoculars offer solutions for reconnaissance, border security, VIP protection, counter drug operations, police surveillance, force protection, hunting, search & rescue and border surveillance:

TiCAM 90 is a small, lightweight, thermal imaging monocular with a unique scroll wheel for easy operation even when wearing gloves. Weighing just 150 g and running on just 1AA battery for over 4 hours with a 40 degree Field of View, TiCAM 90 is optimised for hand or helmet mount applications.

The device can be left or right-mounted or in a binocular configuration and is compatible with all major helmet mounting systems including Spuhr.

TiCAM 90 features patented shutterless XTi Technology® making it completely silent and ultra reliable with no moving parts.

Low image latency and 50-60 Hz operation ensures high speed fluid imaging.  384×288 and 640×480 17 µ resolution options are available.

Features include x2 digital zoom, polarity invert, laser pointer and gain control.

Video out is available for integration into system level transmission and recording systems.

TiCAM 600

TiCAM 600 thermal imaging monocular has optional GPS/DMC, in-camera video/still image storage, x2/x4 zoom and runs for 8 hrs on 4AA batteries.

384×288 and 640×480 17 µ resolution models are available in the miniature TiCAM 600 which weighs just 450 g including batteries.

Designed to be handheld or tripod mounted, up to 60,000 still images or 8 hours of video can be recorded and downloaded from TiCAM 600 via USB to PC or memory stick.

External connections allow external power and video output options.

TiCAM 90 and TiCAM 600 join the established top of the range TiCAM 750 thermal imagingbinocular camera.

TiCAM 750 thermal imaging binoculars
TiCAM 750 thermal imaging binoculars

TiCAM 750 is a handheld/tripod mounted device for man detection at over 2 kilometres.

With up to 8 hours continuous field operation from 4 x AA batteries, optional features include GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass, laser target marker, video recording facility and x2 telephoto (150mm) optics.

Medium Range (MR) 384×288 25 µ and long range (LR) 640×480 17 µ models are available.

Optional Virtual TiCAM software allows remote operation and review of images from the camera.

The launch of the complete range of TiCAM Thermal Night Vision handheld systems includes models to suit all budgets and applications in a non-ITAR package.  9 Hz models available as well.

Also from Thermoteknix Night Vision products range:


ClipIR clip on thermal imager for Fused Night Vision.

ClipIR attaches to Night Vision Image Intensifiers (I2) to combine thermal imaging with image intensification for Fused Night Vision in low light and complete darkness.

Mil Spec ClipIR is unique in its 40° Field of View which matches that of the I2 for maximum situational awareness in all conditions and is available with a range of brackets to fit most industry standard monocular and binocular Night Vision devices including PVS 7, PVS 14 and PVS 15.


Thermoteknix Systems Ltd is proud to be involved in high profile projects including with Formula 1 and Indycar racing, Aegis Ballistic Defense Tests, groundbreaking Wildlife Films and was selected to supply the thermal imaging camera to accompany NASA’s 2009 successful LCROSS Mission to search for the presence of water on the moon… where the Thermoteknix camera in question now resides permanently.

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