Website on Blackbody Calibrators for IR Temp Sensors

Thermographic Photo of the Differential Blackbody MRDT-50 taken at 23.6 ??C

Newton MA, USA –?? Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC (BD&E) is pleased to announce the launch of a new website to promote its thermal imaging calibration instruments.

The site,, caters particularly to the needs of a select market within the wide range of customers that BD&E services.

BD&E has made a mark in several different industry areas over the years including defense, biomedical, manufacturing and academic communities, and as a result, has developed an extensive, yet very diverse customer following. The new site was designed to simplify the website experience for people who are looking specifically for infrared sensor calibration equipment.

Previously, website visitors interested only in calibration devices said they would arrive at Bodkin Design???s main site and become overwhelmed by the wide selection of technologies available.

???We???ve been listening to what the customers who buy this product have been saying about our website for the past year, and we???ve responded by incorporating their feedback into our new approach to web design,??? says the company???s principal, Andrew Bodkin.

The new website dedicated to calibration instruments has a clear-cut user-friendly format featuring much more than just the instrument???s capabilities, accompanying software, and accessory options. It also serves as an informational resource for those who are unfamiliar with infrared calibration.

A guide explaining blackbody theory and helpful tips for successful camera calibration has been included to help the novice demystify any confusion they might have.

In addition, a blackbody calculator is available for download on the site using the principles proven by Wien???s Displacement Law, and the Stefan Boltzmann Law. Using parameters users define, the calculator computes various blackbody radiometric and photometric quantities to simplify IR camera calibration.

For more information, visit .

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