Infrared Thermography: “Not a Useful Tool for Breast Cancer Screening”

Photo of Andrea BarrioOnline — “Dashing hopes that infrared thermography could help distinguish malignant from benign lesions on imaging studies, research presented at the 2012 meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons suggests the noninvasive, radiation-free exam is not a useful tool for breast cancer screening.”

This is reported in an article, Infrared Thermography Falls Short Compared With Mammography, on The General Surgery News website by by Monica J. Smith yesterday,?? November 27th.

Our conclusion is that NTBS thermography* was unable to discriminate between benign and malignant lesions in women with suspicious imaging abnormalities in the low specificity mode. When we went to the higher sensitivity mode, it still missed about 13% of the cancers and resulted in an unacceptable number of false-positives, Dr. Barrio said.

Andrea Barrio, MD, FACS, is a breast surgeon at Bryn Mawr Hospital, in Philadelphia.

Read the complete story online on their study and hopes for perhaps another role of infrared breast thermography that, “…even if infrared thermography fails to detect present tumors, it may be able to warn about future cancers”.

The article is at:

* NTBS is an acronym for “No Touch Breast Scan”.