Night Vision & Optics Handbook Issue 11

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Slough,UK — Shephard Media has announced the availability of the latest update to The Night Vision and Optics Handbook. It is an essential information and reference source for the night vision community.

It has become well established as an invaluable and useful guide to equipment for military, parapublic and civilian users around the world.

Contents include:

Airborne Systems

Selected systems in the following categories: MVG for aircrew; integrated helmets (helicopter); integrated helmets (fixed-wing); NVG-compatible lighting; aircraft EO pods; and IR search and track systems. Listed alphabetically by company.

Ground Systems

Night vision and optics systems in the following categories: NVG/IR scopes; individual/crew-served weapon sights, both image intensified and thermal imaging; handheld thermal imagers; observation, surveillance and targeting systems; vehicle driving and weapons aids. Listed alphabetically by company.

Maritime Systems

Selected systems in the following categories: optronic masts and periscopes; ship surveillance and fire control systems. Listed alphabetically by company.

Core Systems

A sampling of IR detectors, cameras and image intensifiers that form the core sending capability of a wide range of systems. Listed alphabetically by company.

Guide To Suppliers

A worldwide listing of companies in the NV and optics equipment industry, listed by product type and also by company. The latter also includes address, telephone, fax, email and website.

The handbook also features:

Product Guide & Suppliers Guide

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