Night Vision & Thermal Optics 2014

15 – 17 September 2014 | London, UK

nvlogoLondon, UK — Night Vision and Thermal Optics 2014 discusses the challenge of identifying and acquiring targets in low-light and no-light environments that is being faced by global armies, navies and coast guards.

The paramount requirement for I2 applications is enhancing the ability to identify targets in challenging conditions, in addition to simply acquiring them.

The challenge is to strike a balance between this and the subsequent fusion of I2 and IR technology. How can such a balance be achieved?

Night Vision and Thermal Optics 2014 will analyse developments in handheld low and no-light applications providing you with an analysis of the latest developments in I2, TI and IR technology.

It will enable you to determine the current state of affairs and identify the best practice for the future of your I2 applications.

With this in mind the aim of event is to answer the key question all I2 users are currently asking; are image fusion systems the future or should I2 and TI systems, or legacy systems with upgrades, remain the priority moving forward?

Reasons why you should attend Night Vision and Thermal Optics 2014:

Providing expert insight from the global I2 community, Night Vision and Thermal Optics 2014 will allow you to:

  • Maximise your understanding of the current requirements and procurements of key nations; their plans, processes and next steps for the future
  • Discover how the latest sensors and accessories that facilitate target acquisition are influencing the future capability plans of nations, allowing you to learn from their experiences, improving your capabilities at reduced risk and cost
  • Engage in face to face communication with key policy and procurement decision makers to discuss, and discover, how the global I2 community are improving their target identification capabilities and developing their I2 applications in the future
  • Determine whether fusion technology is a viable solution in the battle to reduce the SWaP demands of current I2 systems
  • Gain unprecedented international engagement with the I2 community from military to military and military to industry debates.

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Henry Cutten
Director, Night Vision and Thermal Optics 2014
Defence IQ (a division of IQPC International)

T: +44 (0)207 368 9737

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