Northwest Infrared Joins UI Network

Expanded Full Service Thermal Imaging Services for the Greater Seattle WA Area

Seattle WA, USA — Northwest Infrared announces that they have joined the United Infrared Network. Northwest. Infrared, an infrared service company, is based in Olympia, Washington, USA. It is owned and operated by Brent Foster, a Level II Certified Infrared Thermographer.

United Infrared is the world???s largest network of certified & experienced multi-disciplined infrared thermographers.

???We provide professional infrared detection services for a wide variety of disciplines in western Washington such as heat loss detection, moisture intrusion mapping, insulation verification, air leakage and equine evaluation for medical issues just to name a few. Being part of a nationwide network provides our company with a huge resource of expertise in many different applications of infrared thermography, which we provide to our clients,” stated Mr. Foster.

United Infrared, Inc. (UI) ( provides application-specific resource systems for contractors of infrared thermographic services.

???We are delighted to welcome Northwest Infrared as a member of our network and look forward to working with them,??? said Peter Hopkins, UI???s Vice President.

To learn more about Northwest Infrared, please visit or call (360-

Northwest Infrared LLC
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