OMEGA Introduces Thermal Imager OSXL160

Features Power, Low Cost, Range & Versatility
OSXL160:Thermal Imager

Stamford CT, USA??– The OSXL160 thermal imager is the most versatile and competitively priced unit on the market.?? Its extraordinary temperature range of?? -20 to 1200 ??C (-4 ?? to 2192 ??F) makes it a leader in its class.

With special features like Voice annotation, Analysis software, FLASH memory storage, USB connection to PC, and a colored thermal image with sounds and alarms, the OSXL160 is unrivaled among thermal imagers.

Typical Applications

Power Plant: Monitor and diagnose the condition of electrical wire and equipment, detect power leak, and prevent system malfunction
Petrochemical Industry: Oil pipeline check, material interface detect, heat leakage, insulation structure and power equipment detect
Fire Protection: Forest fire protection and latent fire source search, self-ignition prevention and detection of special material, electric fire precaution detect
Building Industry: Humidity, air leakage and insulation defects detect
Other Applications: Civil engineering, university research, and railway

The applications are really limitless: high-temperature processes, electrical installations, heat leakage detection, fire protection, building maintenance, automotive use, food industry applications and so many more.

The OSXL does it all. Power. Range. Versatility. All in a lightweight, rugged, handheld body.

Price starts at $4900

The complete spec

Phone: 1-800-TC-OMEGA or 203-359-1660