Pembroke’s Sale on SWIR-InGaAs Cameras

Offer ends 15 April 2015 or when inventory is gone

Pembroke-swirSan Franscisco CA, USA — Take advantage of disruptive pricing for 640 X 512 and 320 X 256 SWIR-InGaAs Cameras

All camera kits come complete GUI and Magic View SDK. Plugins for Labview are now available.

They also supply a complete line of SWIR lenses and bandpass filters.

Email Pembroke Instruments for a free review of your SWIR project and quote.

320X256 with USB: $9,995 and 640X512 with USB: $17,995

High Dynamic Range SWIR Cameras Features:

?140 db dynamic range
?640X510 formal, 15 um pixel pitch
?320X256 format, 25 um pixel pitch
?USB, RS170, CameraLink
?Exclusive and patented WDR/ROIC architecture
?Ultra compact and cost effective

Details online at:

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