Preventative Maintenance Tools for Petrochem & Power Plants

See Them At PEFTEC 2015


Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems announces that it will be showing its latest optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras for the petrochemical and power generation industries at PEFTEC 2015*( Petroleum, Refining and Environmental Industries Exhibition & Conference )  on 18th and 19th November 2015.

On Stand 83 FLIR Systems will display the FLIR GF320 OGI thermal camera,  a preventative maintenance solution trusted worldwide to spot leaks in piping, flanges and connections in petrochemical operations.

The FLIR GF320 OGI camera can rapidly scan large areas and pinpoint leaks in real time safely and efficiently.

Also on display will be the FLIR GF343 OGI thermal camera. Introduced in 2015, the GF-343 lets you see CO2 leaks quickly, easily, and from a safe distance.

Whether CO2 is a byproduct of a production process, a trace gas used to detect leaks from power generators, or as part of an Enhanced Oil Recovery program, fast and accurate detection of CO2 leaks is key to keeping your operation running safely, efficiently, and profitably.

fliratspr116-imageBReliable, non-contact CO2 detection lets plants prevent unplanned outages by allowing them to inspect equipment while it is still online in the course of normal operations. It also helps keep operations safe while moving towards carbon-neutral capture and storage operations.

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* PEFTEC 2015 ( will be held in Antwerp, Belgium.

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