Prototype Low Cost Smartphone Thermal Imager

i3system Shows Hi-Res Device at SPIE-DSS 2015

Thermal Expert Prototype
Thermal Expert Prototype
At SPIE.DSS 2015

Baltimore MD, USA  —  i3system showed a prototype high resolution (>110,000 pixels) Smartphone LWIR Thermal Imager named “Thermal Expert”.

It appears intended to compete with the FLIROne and Seek Thermal products already on the market.

i3system already produce LWIR microbolometers in-house with 384X288 @ 25 µm pitch having NETD of <50 mK.

Their LWIR engine reportedly draws less than 3 Watts.

Numbers like $500 per unit with more than 3 times the 32 K pixels of the ~$250 Seek Thermal and were heard resonating on the Expo floor.

i3system Thermal Expert (right)
on Smartphone

Could be some more bang for the buck than the lower-priced and lower performance devices already out there. Just check the image on the iPhone to the left!

The next year should see some very interesting developments, to say the least!

i3system is no lightweight in the field of thermal imaging.

They have been developing and selling high-tech imaging sensors in Korea for more than 15 years.

They now also are expanding their commercial business with IR detector and camera electronics for satellite and other applications.

i3system, Inc, founded in 1998, has developed capsule endoscope for medical use and cooled infrared detectors for thermal imaging cameras for Korean military use. We later expanded our business to X-ray imaging detectors for dental X-ray imaging equipments such as panoramic and cephalometric systems. i3system, inc. is officially designated as a military product contractor for Korean military since 2010 by Korean government.We also develop and manufacture uncooled IR detectors for uncooled thermal imaging cameras for commercial products such as security, surveillance, radiometry devices and night vision systems as well as military product for personal rifle of Korean Army. Our products for military use include IR scene projector, real time scene simulator, IR camera and laser detector.

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  1. We need microbolometer uncolled thermal sensors for military application. The detector should be of 640/480 or more. Please send details.

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