QIRT 10: Conference in IR Thermography

JULY 27-30, 2010, Canada (English–Portugu??s-Espa??ol)

Quebec City, Canada –?? The Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT) conference will be in Canada this July on its 10th anniversary, its first time in North America. The QIRT conference is an international forum which brings together specialists from industry and academia, who share an active interest in the latest developments of science, experimental practices and instrumentation, related to quantitative infrared (IR) thermography.

Past events:

  • QIRT 1 ——— Paris (1992),——France
  • QIRT 2 ——— Sorrento (1994)—-Italy
  • QIRT 3 ——— Stuttgart (1996)– Germany
  • QIRT 4 ——— Lodz (1998)——–Poland
  • QIRT 5 ——— Reims (2000)——-France
  • QIRT 6 ——— Dubrovnik (2002)– Croatia
  • QIRT 7 ———- Brussels (2004)—-Belgium
  • QIRT 8 ———- Padova (2006)——Italy
  • QIRT 9 ———- Krakow (2008)——Poland

QIRT10———?????? Quebec(2010)——-Canada

Conference Takes Place:????July 27-30, 2010 ——- Universit?? Laval, Qu??bec??City, Canada

Hopefully you can make it. Find below links with updated information from the conference and information related to it:

  1. Plenary and Keynote lectures QIRT 10th
  2. Preliminary Program per Session QIRT 10th
  3. Registration QIRT 10th

For more information or complete coverage please go to:?? Web site QIRT 10th —- 10th Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT)??—- Qu??bec ??Canada (July 2010)

Contact information:?????? Daniel BalageasONERA, France ,?? balageas@onera.fr (QIRT Chair)

Xavier Maldague– Universidad??Laval, Ciudad de Qu??bec Xavier.Maldague@gel.ulaval.ca (QIRT Local Chair ???Qu??bec)


QIRT 10th ??? Confer??ncia em Termografia Infravermelha

JULHO -2010?? — Qu??bec—– Canada – (English–Portugu??s– Espa??ol)

A confer??ncia QIRT (Quantitative InfraRed Thermography) focalizada ?? Termografia Infravermelha Quantitativa?? ser?? realizada em Canad?? no seu 10?? anivers??rio em julho deste ano.

QIRT ?? um F??rum Internacional que re??ne os especialistas da ind??stria, a investiga????o e o setor acad??mico, que dividem um interesse ativo nos ??ltimos avan??os da ci??ncia,?? pr??ticas experimentais e de instrumenta????o,relacionados com a Termografia Infravermelha.

Eventos anteriores:

  • QIRT 1 ??———–Paris (1992)—–Fran??a
  • QIRT 2 ———-?? Sorrento (1994)–It??lia
  • QIRT 3 ———?? ??Stuttgart (1996)-Alemanha
  • QIRT 4——— ??????Lodz (1998)——Pol??nia
  • QIRT 5 ———- ??Reims (2000)—- Fran??a
  • QIRT 6 ———?? ??Dubrovnik (2002)-Cro??cia
  • QIRT 7 ———- ??Brussels(2004)—B??lgica
  • QIRT 8 ———-?? Padova ??(2006)—It??lia
  • QIRT 9———— Krakow (2008)—-Pol??nia

QIRT10———–?? Qu??bec(2010)—- Canad??

Desarrollo da Confer??ncia:???? De 27 a 30 de Julho de 2010 –??Universidade Laval, Cidade de Qu??bec, Canad??

A organiza????o espera voc?? para participar da confer??ncia.

Encontre links abaixo informa????es atualizadas sobre a confer??ncia e informa????es relacionadas a ele:

  1. Trabalhos convidados e confer??ncias plen??rias QIRT 10th
  2. Programa Preliminar por especialidade?? QIRT 10th
  3. Inscri????o na Confer??ncia QIRT 2010

No seguinte link, vejam toda a hist??ria da confer??ncia e mais informa????es relacionada ?? mesma:

Site da confer??ncia QIRT 10th —- 10th Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT) Qu??bec, Canad?? (Julho 2010)

Contato: ????Daniel Balageas ONERA, Fran??a?? -???? balageas@onera.fr (QIRT Presidente)

Xavier Maldague– Universidad??Laval, Ciudad de Qu??bec?? – Xavier.Maldague@gel.ulaval.ca (QIRT Presidente Local ???Quebec)


QIRT 10th ??? Conferencia en Termografia Infrarroja – (English–Portugu??s-Espa??ol)

JULIO -2010?? — Qu??bec—– Canad??

La conferencia QIRT (Quantitative InfraRed Thermography)??focalizada en la Termografia Infrar roja Cuantitativa?? se realizar?? en su 10 ?? aniversario en Canad?? en Julio de este a??o.

QIRT es un foro ??internacional que re??ne a especialistas de la industria, la investigaci??n y el sector acad??mico, los cuales comparten un inter??s activo en los ??ltimos avances de la ciencia, pr??cticas experimentales y de la instrumentaci??n, relacionados con la Termografia infrarroja.

Eventos pasados:

  • QIRT 1 ??———–Paris (1992)——Francia
  • QIRT 2 ———-?? Sorrento (1994)—Italia
  • QIRT 3 ———?? ??Stuttgart (1996)–Alemania
  • QIRT 4——— ??????Lodz (1998)——-Polonia
  • QIRT 5 ———- ??Reims (2000)——Francia
  • QIRT 6 ———?? ??Dubrovnik (2002)- Croacia
  • QIRT 7 ———- ??Brussels(2004)—-B??lgica
  • QIRT 8 ———-?? Padova ??(2006)—-Italia
  • QIRT 9———— Krakow (2008)—–Polonia

QIRT10———–?? Quebec(2010)—– Canad??

Desarrollo de la Conferencia:???? Julio 27-30, 2010 ——- Universidad??Laval, Ciudad de Qu??bec, Canad??

La organizaci??n de la conferencia espera que puedan participar. En los links de abajo pueden encontrar la informaci??n actualizada de la conferencia y la informaci??n relacionada a la misma:

  1. Trabajos Invitados & Conferencias Plenarias QIRT 10th
  2. Programa Preliminar por especialidad?? QIRT 10th
  3. Inscripci??n a QIRT 2010

Para m??s informaci??n o informaci??n completa dir??janse a :

Pagina Web de la conferencia QIRT 10th —— ??10th Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT)??—- Qu??bec ??Canad?? (Julio 2010)

Contactos: ??Daniel Balageas- ONERA, France?? – balageas@onera.fr (QIRT Presidente)

Xavier Maldague– Universidad??Laval, Ciudad de Qu??bec?? – Xavier.Maldague@gel.ulaval.ca (QIRT Presidente Local ???Quebec)


The QIRT 2010 Conference will take place on Universit?? Laval’s campus, in Pavillon Desjardins, from July 27th to July 30th, 2010. Pre-conference courses will be offered the day?? before (on July 26th, 2010).

QIRT Committee members

Chairman of QIRT

  • D. Balageas, ONERA, France

QIRT Steering Committee

  • D. Balageas, ONERA, France (Chairman)
  • J.-C. Batsale, ENSAM, Bordeaux, France
  • J.-M. Buchlin, Von Karman Institute, Belgium
  • G. Busse, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • G. Carlomagno, University of Napoli, Italy
  • E.?? Grinzato, CNR-ITC, Padova, Italy
  • X. Maldague, Universit?? Laval, Canada
  • A. Nowakowski, Gdansk Univ. Technology, Poland
  • A. Salazar, Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieria, Bilbao, Spain
  • S. Svaic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • V. Vavilov, Tomsk Polytechnic, Russia
  • B. Wiecek, Technical University of Lodz, Poland

International Scientific Committee

  • D. Balageas (France)
  • J. C. Batsale (France)
  • C. Bissieux (France)
  • J. M. Buchlin (Belgium)
  • G. Busse (Germany)
  • G. Cardone (Italy)
  • G. M. Carlomagno (Italy)
  • E. Cramer (U.S.A.)
  • E. Grinzato (Italy)
  • P.?? Lybaert (Belgium)
  • C. Maierhofer (Germany)
  • X. Maldague (Canada)
  • P. Millan (France)
  • A. Nowakowski (Poland)
  • A. Rozlosnik (Argentina)
  • F. Scarano (Italy)
  • S. Svaic (Croatia)
  • B. Wiecek (Poland)
  • H. Wiggenhauser (Germany)
  • V. Vavilov (Russia)
  • Th. Zweschper (Germany)

QIRT 2010 Organizing?? Committee

  • X. Maldague, Universit?? Laval, Canada
  • A. Bendada, Universit?? Laval, Canada
  • T. Colantonio, Public Works, Canada
  • M. Genest, NRC – CNRC, Canada
  • M. Grenier, Universit?? Laval, Canada
  • C. Ibarra-Castanedo, Universit?? Laval, Canada
  • M. Klein, Universit?? Laval, Canada
  • A. Rozlosnik, SI Termograf??a Infrarroja, Argentina
  • L. St-Laurent, INO, Canada
  • A. Ziadi, Universit?? Laval, Canada
  • N. Avdelidis, NTUA, Greece
  • A. Mandelis,??University of Toronto, Canada

Universit?? Laval is located in Quebec City, Quebec, CANADA.?? The town is?? an important tourist destination since it is the oldest city in North America (it celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2008). The Old Town known as “Vieux Qu??bec” is part of UNESCO World Heritage and is particularly famous with the “Ch??teau Frontenac” (Frontenac Castle) and the Saint-Lawrence River. Many festivals and celebrations take place during the Summer.

The city is easily reached from the major North American hubs and daily direct flights to Europe are offered. Daily trains and buses connect also the city.

July weather in Quebec City has average daytime temperatures ranging from 21?? to 28?? Celsius during the day.

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