Reformer & Heater Tubes Temperature Accuracy

Comparing Practical Infrared Techniques

Sonny James
Sonny James of the NDE Institute of Trinidad

Online?? –?? The IR/INFO staff is pleased to have Mr. Sonny James of the NDE Institute of Trinidad, Ltd. / Thermal Diagnostics Ltd. present “Reformer and Heater Tubes Temperature Accuracy ??? Comparing Practical Infrared Techniques” at IR/INFO 2015 January 18-21, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Sonny James is a Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer?? and professional infrared consultant specializing in the petrochemical industry.
According to the paper’s Abstract:

“This paper will discuss the common practical temperature measurement techniques used in chemical and petrochemical plants to measure tube temperature accurately, which are Spot Infrared Pyrometer and Thermal Imagery.

“It will discuss how these technologies are commonly used by plant personnel with the error sources and limitations accompanied by them.

“A case study in the use of these techniques will be presented showing how current plant practices can result in considerable inaccuracies unbeknownst to plant personnel that can result in risky or unproductive operation adjustments.”

In addition to thermography, Sonny is a professional instructor for several NDT technologies and is an ASNT Level III certificate holder in five disciplines including Infrared and Thermal Testing.

He is also certified as Clinical Thermographic Technician by the International Academy of Clinical Thermology (IACT).

Sonny is founder of the NDE Institute of Trinidad Ltd. headquartered in Trinidad, West Indies.

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