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Register today with the code “2013-iPad” at the InfraMation Conference website (See address on the next page) and ITC will send you an ultra-cool 16 GB Apple iPad mini loaded with copies of last year???s proceedings, plus the FLIR Tools Mobile app.

The InfraMation conference,?? organized and managed by The Infrared Training Center (ITC),?? will be held November 5th-7th at the Loews Royal Pacific, Orlando FL, USA.

Meanwhile, check out a video greeting by clicking on the image below from 2013 keynote speaker Casey Anderson, host and executive producer of ???Expedition Wild??? and ???America the Wild??? on the National Geographic WILD channel.

Casey Anderson Video
Casey shares how he uses FLIR cameras to film some of America???s most elusive animals at night (losing a lot of sleep in the process).

The imagery is amazing!


Casey Anderson, Host of National Geographic???s America the Wild

Casey Anderson is a fifth-generation Montanan, born and raised in East Helena, Mont. As a wildlife expert and naturalist, Casey is the well-known host and executive producer of the National Geographic WILD Channel series ???Expedition Wild??? and “America the Wild.???

In his television work, Casey uses a variety of FLIR technologies to obtain compelling thermal images and video footage of some of the world???s most elusive animals.

Casey has worked on numerous feature films, television wildlife documentaries, and non-profit educational programs. He is an international Keynote speaker who shares about his experiences in the wild and his passion for wildlife preservation using amazing imagery.

Casey is the trainer and best friend of Brutus the Bear, an 800-lb. grizzly bear Anderson adopted as a cub born in captivity. Anderson is also the co-owner and director of the Montana Grizzly Encounter, a grizzly bear sanctuary in Bozeman, Mont., where Brutus resides.

Total Training Bundle

Register for the Main InfraMation Conference PLUS Pre-Conference Training Day (Nov. 4th) AND a 2013 Infrared Training Center (ITC) Level I, II, III, Optical Gas Imaging, or R&D training class!

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Their mailing address is:

InfraMation Conference
27700 SW Parkway Avenue
Wilsonville OR 97070 USA

Call them at 503-498-3081 or 866-872-4647

Online at:

InfraMation Conference

ITC- Infrared Training Center is the premier sponsor of InfraMation, thermal imaging???s users conference. This is an event to find new business opportunities, learn the latest thermal imaging techniques, and applications, and make valuable connections. InfraMation features presentations from some of the world???s most experienced thermographers, as well as clinics focused on such topics as condition monitoring, building diagnostics, R&D, and more.

Visit the InfraMation website for the latest event details.


The ITC Training Centers offer IR training, certification, and re-certification in all aspects of thermography, including:

  • Level I, II, and III courses
  • Specialized instruction in building diagnostics, roofing, electrical, mechanical, research and science, and optical gas imaging
  • Online courses that cover the basics of thermal camera operation and reporting software

Their Boston Regional Training Center features a 36-seat auditorium for main lectures and live multimedia presentations. Computer/monitor configurations at each station allow students to plug in cameras, analyze images, and produce reports.

The center also houses a fully integrated lab with direct access to operational radiant flooring, as well as roofing and HVAC components that provide real-life examples of thermal patterns.

They also include a wide range of simulated industrial, commercial, and building diagnostics infrared applications,

The Boston Regional Training Center is the model for their Stockholm, Sweden?? Training Center,. It?? has seating for 15 and computers at each table for use during the software portions of the course. An extensive lab allows trainees to explore both practical and theoretical aspects of thermography.

Learn more at: