Research & Industrial Apps of Near-IR Cameras

“Seeing” in the Near-Infrared Spectrum (wavelengths between 0.9 to 1.7 micrometers or ??m)

visible & near-infrared apple
View of an Apple in the Visible & Near-IR

Croissy-Beaubourg, France — FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) has announced a new technical article that reviews a selection of the major applications for which Near-Infrared cameras are particularly well-suited.

Near-IR cameras, which are sensitive to the Near-Infrared spectrum (0.9 to 1.7 ??m) are increasingly found in research laboratories, design departments and on factory production lines.?? Used to view phenomena that cannot be observed with ‘thermal’ (MWIR/LWIR) imaging systems, Near-IR cameras have many advantages.

Most Near-IR cameras use an InGaAs (Indium Gallium Arsenide) detector that can be used without cryogenic cooling, and so are lighter, smaller and less expensive than traditional ‘thermal’ imaging systems.

Additionally since these cameras have no mobile parts, they are particularly robust and capable of withstanding harsh use conditions such as during continuous 24/7 operation.

The high quantum efficiency of InGaAs detectors between 0.9 and 1.10 ??m (>75%), makes Near-IR cameras a better choice than EM CCDs for which quantum efficiency at these wavelengths is very low (<20%).

With almost 10 years of experience in the design and fabrication of InGaAs detectors and cameras, FLIR has developed an extensive knowledge in this technology, thus is able to offer a first-rate partner to develop an optimized solution for your Near-IR application.

A copy of ‘Near-IR cameras: R&D and Industrial Applications’ is available on request from or by telephoning FLIR ATS on +33-1-6037-0100.

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