Rice Camera’s Unique IR Solutions

Partnership with Telops Expands Offerings in United States

Billerica MA USA — Rice Camera Technologies, Inc. (???Rice Camera???) is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Telops, Inc. of Canada. U.S. customers with applications requiring detection, identification, and quantification of invisible substances will be amazed at the results from Telops??? highly advanced Hyper-Cam, hyperspectral imaging system.

Those customers who require superior quality infrared cameras will be interested in obtaining the Telops HD-IR, an unparalleled infrared camera with 1.3 megapixel resolution. For applications which require capturing ultra-fast events, the Telops FAST-IR offers industry-leading frame rates of 1000+ fps.

Under the terms of the agreement, Rice Camera Technologies will support US customers by providing Telops??? industry-leading infrared cameras and hyperspectral systems to qualified customers in all 50 states.

FAST-IR Infrared Camera

The FAST-IR scientific infrared camera is the revolution in high speed IR cameras. It is the first 1000 fps full frame solution for the infrared imaging expert. It provides automated either raw or calibrated data in real-time.

Some Key Specifications:

FPA frame size: 320 x 256 pixels
Detector type: InSb
Spectral range: 3.0 ??m-5.0 ??m
NEdT: 14 mK
Maximum full frame rate: 1000 Hz
Integration time: 3??s – 1.8 ms
Dynamic range: 16 bits
Data output mode: temperature or raw
Radiation temperature accuracy (1?): 1 K or 1% (??C)
Temperature range: -15 ??C to 1500 ??C

About Telops

Telops specializes in the design and production of sophisticated opto-electronic systems for the defense, aerospace and telecommunications industries.

Telops Inc.
100-2600 St-Jean-Baptiste avenue
Quebec, QC, G2E 6J5

Tel. +1 (418) 864-7808
Fax. +1 (418) 864-7843
Email: contact@telops.com
Web: www.telops.com

Rice Camera Technologies‘ products include the following high-performance cameras and systems: X-ray cameras, UV cameras, Visible cameras ranging from 16 megapixel to VGA resolution, Near infrared (NIR Cameras), Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras, Mid-Wave Infrared Cameras (MWIR), Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) cameras, and hyperspectral systems. These cameras and systems are classified as industrial cameras and are commercially available (COTS) products. These products are used in high-end commercial and military applications such as; robotics, wafer inspection, UAVs, solar panel inspection, factory automation, gas detection, IED detection, surveillance, scientific imaging, and target signature analysis.

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