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Advanced Infrared, a member of the United Infrared Network
Advanced Infrared, LLC Infrared Services

Littleton CO, USA — Advanced Infrared, LLC?? will provide RoofScanIR??? services to the Littleton, Colorado area. Advanced Infrared, LLC is an infrared service company based in Littleton, Colorado, USA.

RoofScanIR??? is a network of infrared thermographers who provide on-roof infrared surveys of flat roofs of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings. United Infrared is the world???s largest network of multi-disciplined infrared thermographers.

Advanced Infrared, LLC is an infrared service company which has been in business in the area since 2009 and is owned by Jeff Hoffman.

???We provide professional infrared services for a wide variety of clients in the Littleton, Colorado area. Being part of a nationwide network provides our company with a huge resource of expertise in many different applications of infrared thermography, which we provide to our clients,??? states Mr. Jeff Hoffman.

???We use state-of-the-art infrared equipment to produce photographic-quality reports showing subsurface roof moisture contamination in flat and low-sloped roofs.

Many flat roofs require replacement before the end of their design life because moisture intrusion allows the roof???s substrate to become wet.

A qualitative infrared roof moisture survey can identify and document moisture problems before the roof fails. This enables the owner???s roofing professional to make informed decisions so that actions can be taken to correct the problem areas without the expense of replacing the entire roof.

Since the life of the roof can be increased by as much as 300%, the savings for each roof can be tens of thousands of dollars to the roof owner.

“RoofScanIR??? methodologies, quality control and the reports are all standardized,??? states Greg Stockton, President of United Infrared, Inc.

???This means a national company has one point of contact, one standard price structure, and will receive a high-quality survey and report???on any one of their building roofs, anywhere in the USA???, he concludes.

???We are glad to welcome Advanced Infrared, LLC as our RoofScanIR??? partner and look forward to working together.???

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