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American Infrared Solutions | AIRS Smart IDCA Product Family (Booth #430)

SPIE_dsc16Hudson, MA, USA  —  AIRS Smart IDCAs include high performance IDCAs and proxy electronics to support OEM manufacturers. Our IDCAs are developed based on flexible, re-configurable platform dewar designs.

We integrate the highest performance IRFPAs, dewars and coolers to meet your OEM requirements.

Our high reliability designs are complemented by the careful selection of IRFPA and coolers including HOT IRFPAs operating at higher temperatures coupled to long life split Sterling and rotary coolers.

The dewars are processed using AIRS very long life dewar process. AIRS proxy electronics are compact, low power, perform all ROIC interface and output 14b Camera Link uncorrected video.

Ideal for OEM instrument and system integrators who wish to build their solution on a turnkey high performance module while adding their own value add video processing.

AIRS uniquely configures the optical interface of its IDCAs to meet your exacting performance and system design requirements. We deliver IDCAs with custom internal optical designs (e.g. hyperspectral filters, etc.) that integrate seamlessly with your sensor system or instrument existing lens or unique lens requirements.

AIRS now offers turnkey dewar refurbishment capability. We are factory qualified to integrate many of the most popular coolers as well.

Our IRFPA packaging capability is rapidly growing, supporting a wide range of sensor designs and applications.

AIRS is currently integrating IRFPAs and coolers with our small size, weight and power (low SWaP) mini-Nyx Integrated Dewar Cooler Assemblies (IDCA).

Also, our Nyx and hi-Nyx IDCA are ideally designed for HD format and other special IRFPAs

AIRS capabilities enable us to rapidly turn specialty dewars to support our growing scientific customer base. Please visit our web site to download the IDCA Packaging Brochure to stay up to date on our expanding product lines and capabilities.

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