Space Applications Benefit from new Sofradir SWIR Detectors


SNAKE SW Tecless - Infrared SensorFairfield, NJ, USA – Sofradir-EC, the exclusive distributor in the Americas of Sofradir and ULIS infrared detectors and producer of Infrared camera cores, is pleased to announce the availability of two new cost effective SWIR InGaAs sensors.

The 640 x 512 VGA format detectors with 15-micron pixels are available in two versions, the SNAKE SW, a hermetically sealed metal package which includes an integral TEC (thermo-electric cooler), or the SNAKE SW TECless, a hermetically sealed ceramic package without a TE Cooler.

Both detectors are designed for wavelengths ranging from 0.9µm to 1.7 µm and boast low noise, fast frame rates up to 300 Hz, excellent image quality and a pixel operability of >99.5%.

Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) technology is becoming the go-to detection technology to support many of the latest space related applications.

Whether collecting data through natural or man-made phenomena or identifying and profiling satellite laser beams, SWIR is emerging as the wavelength of choice for both atmospheric and earth observation as well as cross platform communications and control.

The SNAKE SW Tecless version can be configured with or without an anti-reflective coated window providing the end user additional system architecture flexibility.

Applicable for use in low earth orbit (LEO) systems, the SWIR detectors are compact, utilize very little power and are cost effective.

In particular, the SNAKE SW Tecless has a footprint of only 0.65” x 0.65” and consumes <160mW in 2 output mode.

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About Sofradir EC Inc.

Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, Sofradir EC, Inc. is at the forefront of infrared detection technology for commercial, space and defense applications. As a member of the Sofradir Groupof companies, Sofradir EC, Inc. develops and manufactures advanced thermal imaging camera cores and night vision systems. Since 1969, the company has maintained its focus on delivering products that reflect exceptional engineering capabilities. Sofradir, EC Inc. is also the exclusive distributor in North America for Sofradir infrared detectors and ULIS thermal sensors. Sofradir is the leading developer and manufacturer of a vast portfolio of advanced infrared detectors which cover the visible to far infrared spectrum. Sofradir is also the leading European manufacturer for IR detectors deployed in space with two R&D and manufacturing facilities in France. ULIS, founded in 2002, specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative thermal image sensors. ULIS has grown to become the second largest producer of microbolometers (thermal sensors) in the world. Together Sofradir EC Inc., Sofradir and ULIS employ more than 1000 staff. The group generated an annual turnover of $270M in 2017.

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