Standard Practice for Location of Wet Insulation in Roofing Systems Using Infrared Imaging

ASTM C1153 – 10

Southampton, PA, USA — This is a recent ASTM standard that we missed when preparing a presentation for IR/INFO2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana in January. This brief article explains the standard, its source, what it is about and where it can be obtained.

To quote from the introduction in this standard:

Significance and Use

This practice is used to outline the minimum necessary elements and conditions to obtain an accurate determination of the location of wet insulation in roofing systems using infrared imaging.

This practice is not meant to be an instructional document or to provide all the knowledge and background necessary to provide an accurate analysis. For further information, see ANSI-ASHRAE Standard 101 and ISO/DP 6781.3E.

This practice does not provide methods to determine the cause of moisture or its point of entry. It does not address the suitability of any particular system to function capably as waterproofing.

1. Scope

1.1 This practice applies to techniques that employ infrared imaging at night to determine the location of wet insulation in roofing systems that have insulation above the deck in contact with the waterproofing. This practice includes ground-based and aerial inspections. (Warning???Extreme caution shall be taken when accessing or walking on roof surfaces and when operating aircraft at low altitudes, especially at night.) (Warning???It is a good safety practice for at least two people to be present on the roof surface at all times when ground-based inspections are being conducted.)

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This standard was published by ASTM Committee C16 on Thermal Insulation and is under the jurisdiction of Sub-Committee C16.30 on Thermal Measurement. ASTM Staff Manager: Rick Lake 610-8329689

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The standards from ASTM Committee C 16 are published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 04.06 “Thermal Insulation; Building and Environmental Acoustics”. Refer to webpage:

ASTM Committee C16 on Thermal Insulation was formed in 1938. C16 meets twice a year, in April and October, with about 120 members attending over three days of technical meetings capped by a discussion on relevant topics in the Thermal Insulation industry. The Committee, with a membership of approximately 350, currently has jurisdiction of over 145 standards, published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 04.06. C16 has 8 technical subcommittees that maintain jurisdiction over these standards. Information on this subcommittee structure and C16’s portfolio of approved standards and Work Items under construction are available from the List of Subcommittees, Standards and Work Items . These standards have and continue to play a preeminent role in all aspects important to the industry of thermal insulation, including products, systems, and associated coatings and coverings, excluding refractories.