Standoff Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Ship Plume Characterization

Webinar | Date: 07-07-2015 | Time: 09:00 AM EDT

Attendance is limited.

Infrared ship plume image
Infrared ship plumes

Online  —  Characterization of ship plumes is very challenging due to the great variety of ships, fuel and the extent of a gas plume.

This webinar will present the results of imaging ship plumes from an operating ferry boat using standoff longwave (8-12 micron) and midwave (3-5 micron) infrared hyperspectral imaging.

Quantitative chemical imaging of combustion gases was achieved by fitting a radiative transfer model.

Combustion efficiency maps were derived from the column density values.

The results illustrate how valuable information about the combustion process of a ship engine can be successfully obtained using passive hyperspectral remote sensing imaging.

Early results about airborne characterization of ship plumes will also be presented.

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