StingRay Optics 100-1000 mm F/4 MWIR Zoom IR Lens

Seen at SPIE DSS 2014

StingRay OpticsKeene NH, USA?? –?? New in 2014 is the latest addition to their ever growing continuous zoom infrared lens series which now includes a 10X F/4 MWIR Motorized CZ product offering.

Ideal for use with commercially available cooled InSb Cores and camera systems offering an industry standard 1??? cold shield height and supporting image formats up to and including 21 mm on the diagonal.

The system offers users one of the widest FOVs on the market while still achieving about 1 degree NFOV.

Technical Specifications
??? Continuous zoom offering focal lengths of 100-1000 mm
??? Achromatically corrected for 3-5 ??m
??? F/4 cold shield geometry
??? Compatible with ~21 mm FPA formats

Optional Features
??? Common base plate for camera & lens
??? Sun shield
??? Enamel paint options
??? Handheld Android-powered tablet for ease of use in laboratory environment

Industries and Applications
??? Day/Night Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)
??? Range tracking systems and targeting
??? Remote sensing
??? Gas detection

If additional features or a variant of this lens is desired, modifications can be implemented to perfectly match your system’s unique requirements.

StingRay Optics, LLC designs and produces optical systems and opto-mechanical assemblies for a widely diverse customer base. A recognized leader in the infrared community, StingRay offers a host of commercially available and pre-engineered optical solutions while also maintaining our reputation within the optics industry for developing high-performance, cost-effective, and proven custom optical solutions across the spectrum.

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