Sulfur Recovery Units benefit from continuous & instantaneous temps


Seattle Wa, USA — E??T Pulsar III detection systems are designed for the continuous, simultaneous measurement of both refractory temperature (RT) and gas temperature (GT) in sulfur recovery units (SRU) away from heat, vibration, and corrosive gases.

Hundreds of SRU operators known as the industry standard rely on E??T Pulsar to control their units.

The optimal operation of SRUs requires the control and measurement of a complex sequence of processes.

Of particular importance is controlling the reaction furnace temperature to prevent damage to the refractory at high temperatures and avoid ammonium salt from plugging the converters at low temperatures.

In order to perform accurately and reliably, the E??T Pulsar requires periodic maintenance and calibration.

Atlas Inspection Technologies offers on-site factory maintenance and calibration services for E??T Pulsar detection systems to eliminate the need of shipping equipment off-site as well as calibrating the E??T to the SRU which is a large part of the instrument???s accuracy.

Atlas can quickly mobilize experienced technicians to troubleshoot any emergency situations, within hours if needed, and applies sophisticated IR technology to the solution for your furnace temperature measurement requirements.

Each system allows the visual inspection of combustion processes, refractory cureout, and preventative maintenance while the vessel is pressurized and fully operational.

Contact Atlas to conduct a review of existing E??T Pulsar units or provide regular maintenance and calibration to ensure long-term reliable performance of your SRU.

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