Test & Characterization of Infrared Reference Sources

Booth #343 SPIE DCS 2016

SPIE_dsc16IGNY, France & Boston, MA, USA  —  Since 1982, HGH Infrared Systems has provided leading-edge IR test equipments, to universities, research labs, manufacturers and test centres around the world.

Beyond the quest for technical excellence, we strive to offer a complete metrology service to our customers, by sharing our experience and best practices, proposing consultancy, training, and personalised commissioning for our integrated solutions.

Test and Measurement Solutions and Products include:


  • Low temperature blackbody
  • High temperature extended area blackbody
  • High temperature cavity blackbody
  • Double extended area blackbody
  • Vacuum blackbody
  • Targets for infrared and visible test

Electro-Optical test software


  • IR sensor & visible system test bench
  • Test bench for visible/light intensification systems
  • COPI – Universal Optronic Test Bench

BIRD – Universal Electro-Optic Test Bench For IR Detectors

RAD – Infrared radiometers

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About HGH Infrared Systems

HGH Infrared Systems is a global provider of optronic devices for wide area surveillance, industrial thermography, and infrared test and measurement applications, with 3 product lines. Visit www.hgh.fr or www.hgh-infrared.com

Company Headquarters

HGH Systèmes Infrarouges
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91430 IGNY, France

Phone: + 33 1 69 35 47 70
Fax: + 33 1 69 35 47 80
Email: hgh@hgh.fr

HGH Infrared Systems Inc.
50 Milk St, 16th Floor
Boston, MA 02109

Phone: 617-401-2196
Email: sales@hgh-infrared.com