The Fluke Calibration 4180 Series Infrared Calibrators

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Everett WA, USA –?? Infrared temperature calibration is often misunderstood???even by so called ???experts??? who manufacture infrared calibrators.

Launch this virtual demo and take an in-depth tour of the Fluke 4180 series Infrared Calibrators to learn how target size, radiometric calibration and emissivity impact your overall calibration accuracy.

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I’d really like to see a live product demonstration >>

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About Fluke Calibration

Hart Scientific temperature calibration is part of Fluke Calibration

Hart Scientific has been a member of the metrology community for over 30 years. Now, under the Fluke Calibration name, it continues to be a leading manufacturer of temperature calibration and measurement equipment. Our experience in temperature calibration goes back 30 plus years and, as Fluke Calibration, we will still be here 30 years from now.

Our customers include metrologists, engineers, technicians, researchers, and quality professionals worldwide in calibration laboratories, the armed services, manufacturing, process heating and control, aerospace, and test and measurement industries.

For the level of precision, accuracy, and support these professionals expect, Fluke Calibration is the only temperature calibration manufacturer they trust, because with the acquisition of Hart Scientific nobody else in the industry has the years of experience, portfolio of products, or the same depth and breadth of expertise.

Fluke Calibration, American Fork ??? Primary Temperature Lab

NVLAP Certificate of Accreditation ??
NVLAP Scope of Accreditation ??

Certificate and scope apply to all calibrations performed on new and serviced Hart model primary temperature calibration products, probes and readouts, and service of temperature products from other manufacturers.

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