The World Market for Military Infrared Imaging Detectors & Systems

Vol. IRW-M, 2016 Edition

Screen Shot Maxtech_logoSarasota, FL, USA   —   Maxtech International, Inc. is releasing the 2016 edition of its market research report on military infrared detectors and systems markets (Vol. IRW-M).

Military infrared imaging systems are gaining new importance in the wake of terrorist attacks, conflicts in the Mid-East and tensions in Eastern Europe and the Asia/Pacific region.

Defense budget spending limits in the U.S. and many European countries are beginning to ease as the priority of new security risks outweighs budgetary pressures.

The technology of military infrared imaging systems is evolving rapidly. Some of the important trends that will start to shape advanced military infrared systems include:

  • Uncooled systems with increasing performance (resolution and sensitivity) and single-chip integration at lower prices – a trend partly driven by low-end commercial systems.
  • 3rd Gen dual-band cooled systems – a long delayed technology which is starting its programmatic development in 2016 in the U.S., followed by other countries.
  • High Operating Temperature (HOT) cooled detectors and systems which are expected to be incorporated into new Programs of Record over the next five years.
  • SWIR detector (mainly InGaAs) growth in the double digits

Geographically, the U.S. continues to be the dominant supplier of military infrared systems. However, Europe, Israel and China also have a sizable presence. Countries in the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere are increasing their purchases of these systems.

What’s new in this report?

(1)  Five year market forecasts for the most dynamic high performance technologies in emerging military systems:

  • HOT (High Operating Temperature) nBn/XBn Focal Plane Arrays
  • HOT MCT (Mercury Cadmium Telluride) FPAs
  • 3rd Gen Dual-Band megapixel FPAs
  • InGaAs FPAs and systems – a breakdown by military application and company market shares.

(2) An update on spending projections for military infrared systems for the top 25 countries worldwide:

  • NORTH AMERICA: U.S. and Canada
  • EUROPE: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Norway
  • MIDDLE EAST: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • ASIA: China, Russia, India
  • PACIFIC RIM: Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore
  • SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil, Colombia

(3) Market shares for suppliers of gimbaled airborne infrared systems.

Maxtech International’s up-to-date research on World Military Infrared Imaging Markets separately covers the infrared detectors (FPAs) and the military infrared systems in which they are used.

The following military infrared systems are covered in detail:

  • Ground-based Systems, including Night Sights, Fire Control Systems, Driver’s Vision Enhancers, Thermal Weapon Sights, Fused IR/I2 Systems, Unattended Ground Sensors, Soldier Systems, Hostile Fire Indicators (HFI);
  • Airborne Systems, including Targeting/Navigation Pods, Targeting/Piloting Systems, Reconnaissance Systems, Infrared Countermeasures, Infrared Search and Track (IRST) Systems and Persistent Surveillance Systems (aerostats, fixed wing, rotary wing and UAVs);
  • Naval Systems including optronic masts, thermal night sights, and shipboard IRST;
  • Tactical Missile Seekers, including air-to-air, surface-air, air-surface, ground-ground; and smart munitions;
  • Strategic Surveillance and Missile Defense, including infrared satellite early warning systems and ballistic missile defense systems.

The World Market for Military Infrared Imaging Detectors and Systems is the only such report on world military infrared markets and follows Maxtech International’s highly acclaimed report on world commercial infrared markets.<

The report contains over 400 pages of up-to-date market information and forecasts and is priced at $4950. It is only available directly from Maxtech (no third parties are authorized for its distribution.)

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The 2015 Commercial and Dual-Use Infrared Imaging Market Research Report (Vol. IRW-C) is also available.

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