The World Market for Military IR Imaging Detectors & Systems

Vol. IRW-M, 2014 Edition

NASA IR ImageFairfield, Connecticut, USA — Maxtech International, Inc. is releasing the 2014 edition of its market research report on Military Infrared Imaging Detectors and Systems (Vol. IRW-M).

Military budgets worldwide continue to be under pressure, especially in the U.S. and Europe where budget deficits are forcing reductions in military expenditures.

In addition, in the U.S., the draw down in forces from Afghanistan and the timing of procurements in certain infrared programs (such as 2nd Gen cooled and some uncooled sights) is resulting in a temporary slowdown.

Nonetheless, infrared imaging/night vision technology provides such a powerful force multiplier that it continues as an essential part of military systems.

Several trends are expected to help grow the military infrared imaging market over the next five years:

  • Uncooled detectors on a chip (in which the sensor is wafer-level-packaged and integrated with a single chip ASIC and low-cost optics). These developments will partly be driven by new thermal imaging smartphone attachments.
  • High-end dual-band systems (3rd Gen) – a technology that has been delayed for several years but may now be on the path to procurement
  • Moves to High Operating Temperature (HOT) cooled detectors and systems
  • Growth in SWIR systems

At the same time, military infrared continues to grow rapidly in parts of Asia (India and China) and the Middle East. Uncooled detectors made in China are now starting to be built into Chinese military sights.

What’s new in this report?

(1) An update on spending Projections for military infrared systems for the top 25 countries worldwide:

NORTH AMERICA: U.S. and Canada
EUROPE: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Norway
MIDDLE EAST: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
ASIA: China, Russia, India
PACIFIC RIM: Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore
SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil, Colombia

(2) Market shares for suppliers of gimbaled airborne infrared systems.

Maxtech International’s up-to-date research on World Military Infrared Imaging Markets separately covers the infrared detectors (FPAs) and the military infrared systems in which they are used.

The following military infrared systems are covered in detail: