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Fluke Has The First Thermal Imaging Blog! Is FLIR Falling Face First?

Everett WA, USA –It came as a bit of a surprise to us to discover that Fluke Thermography has a blog! Hey, Fluke is a multibillion dollar company, at least part of one (Danaher Corporation).

Stuffy shirt USA corporations with a blog do not seem to be the rule these days, except that some very forward thinking companies are actually taking a blogging foot forward, one toe at a time, while others have been involved for a while now.

The Fluke Thermal Imaging Blog has been operating since January of this year (and could even have a newsfeed, if they wanted).

[Note: We have a whole bunch of newsfeeds, one for each news category on our news web site. It’s because we use blogging software as a Content Management System?? (CMS)?? and have both comments and newsfeeds in addition to an open submission policy for new stories from non subscribers]

Does Goldman-Sachs have a blog? Heck, NO!

How about Danaher Corporation? Are they trying to put a friendly face on for consumers or investors (owners)? Haven’t seen it yet!

Let’s back up for a second.

How about FLIR?

They are the biggest force in military and commercial Thermal Imaging and an aggressive, info-oriented marketeer. They even have a video channel on YouTube.com through their Extech Instruments subsidiary, extechvideos’s Channel .

But do they have a blog? Not yet!

Neither does their in-the-trenches subsidiary ExtechInstruments. Nope, no blog as yet.

We even did a “Search the Infrared Training Center Website” and got “We are sorry, but search (blog) returned no results. Please try again.”

But does anyone in the world of big corporations have a blog?

Sure they do, many do and many more are adding them almost daily. For example, H-P has a whole bunch of blogs listed at http://h30507.www3.hp.com/hpblogs/ and they seem almost endless, covering many aspects of H-P products and services as a part of their customer support network.

So does Texas Instruments or TI, as they are known. For instance, check their Blogs for the TI E2E Community! where visitors are urged to:

Ask questions, share knowledge, explore ideas, and help solve problems with fellow engineers on TI???s Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) Community

What about another Danaher Company, Tektronix, a well-known and highly respected, technology-rich outfit? We couldn’t find even a reference of one on the tek.com website. They have forums, but they are so 1990s, But it’s something at least.

Drop in and have a look at the Thermal Imaging Blog (They got the name, too!).

Not only is it a blog, but it is also a pretty cool looking blog that uses basically a free set of software (WordPress – the same free software we use here) with a free template that has been customized well to look even better than the original (just like we did for TempSensorNEWS). It’s at: http://thermal-imaging-blog.com/

Way to go, Flukers! (Or is it Flukies?)

Way to go…whatever. You are setting some new milestones for your competitors to try to overcome in the hotly contested world of thermal imaging equipment and support! Perhaps, just perhaps, you are leading your company and maybe even your parent company into a whole new world of Customer Contact.

11 comments on “A Thermal Imaging Blog!

  1. A bit late in the response, but we definitely want to thank you for the recognition on our blog. We???re glad it has been, so far, a useful source of information for the thermal imaging community, and hope that it will continue to be a vital resource for thermographers of all industries! Kudos to all the other companies partaking in social media, as well. Thanks again!

    P.S. We prefer the term ???Flukies??? 🙂

  2. Apologies to Gary Orlove and the merry men at ITC. Of course you have had a blog on Blogspot for nearly two years.

    We completely overlooked the link to it on the home page of the InfraredTraining Center the other day. But today, after seeing Mr Orlove’s comment we noted that there was indeed a prominent link to it and its rss newsfeed. on the ITC home page.

    But I noted that it was one of the first to feature a newsfeed, too. There’s more than hope after all!

    Great work as usual, Gary!

  3. Thanks for your comment. Correction: Flir is dipping several toes into Social Media… sort of.

    We looked at several Thermal Imager/Camera pages on the Extech Instruments website (extech.com/cameras/) and could not find a link to anything like a blog or to PlanetExtech.com for that matter.

    We were looking in the area of product/customer support blogs specifically related to Thermal Imaging that our brief story covered.

    A social media site is a big step forward. Glad you took it, but why don’t you feature it in the Thermal Imager area of the Extech website?

    We, too, like Twitter and facebook links but don’t see them as substitute aid in user support & education, especially the ones involved in Infrared Thermography. That’s why we have several websites on Infrared Apps.

    BTW, The editorials and comment on our sites, and the replies, are not sponsored, nor influenced by any thermal imager company of any stripe.

    Good job on what you done so far!

  4. Appreciate your comment, Lisa, but just what is the basis for your comment???

    See the reply to the previous comment from Mr, Rebolo, if that is your point of reference. We’d love nothing more to help spread the news about useful Online tools for practicing infrared Thermographers

  5. Great to hear it! However, we don’t believe a microblog is quite the same as a blog – less customer interaction. Plus, 140 characters is not much when it comes to explaining details of a Thermal Imager or an Infrared Thermography app!

  6. it seems like Extech does have a hand in the “future” of the web, they have a social network called Planet Extech (www.planetextech.com) which also includes a blog. And I also follow them on twitter! twitter.com/planetextech

  7. Dear “editor,”

    I was disappointed to learn that your rather advertorial blog post did not reflect very substantial research in terms of social media content from competitors to Fluke.

    If your readers are interested in balanced coverage of social media content from other companies such as Extech, I invite them to visit the following resources:

    http://www.PlanetExtech.com — a web2.0 social networking site for Extech users. This site not only offers a blog, but also live video at industry events, a video library, member blogs, chat, and a forum. We’re pleased to count some of your Fluke colleagues as members of Planet Extech. Apparently, they’re interested in what’s going on at Extech?

    Also, did you know you that for real-time news and micro-blogging on Extech topics, you can follow me, http://twitter.com/arebelo and Planet Extech on Twitter? http://twitter.com/planetextech . Again, we’re pleased to have Fluke TI and Fluke instruments among our followers.

    On the FLIR side, you can find and follow several twitter handles for micro-blogging in real-time from our colleagues at FLIR.

    While I can’t offer you a Web1.0 member forum, 😉 Extech was also among the first test instrument companies to have a Facebook page. Just search Extech.

    And keep in mind, our main website, http://www.extech.com has integrated tools to post our content on a wide variety of social networking sites.

    I hope you and your readers find the links above worthwhile and substantively informative in case they want to learn more about the wider range of blog and microblog resources that’s actually available out there.

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