Thermal Imaging Camera From Omega

$ 19,700.00 OSXL-T620 ??? Very Thermally Sensitive (N.E.T.D) -0.05 ??C @ 30 ??C

OSXL-T620:Thermal Imaging Camera
OSXL-T620:Thermal Imaging Camera

Stamford CT, USA — The OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) has the highest thermal imaging resolution in its class. With 307,200 pixels at 640 ?? 480, OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) gives professional thermographers the highest thermal resolution and sensitivity for the best-looking images and most accurate temperature measurements.

Coupled with dual 5 megapixel digital cameras, you???ll get the sharpest visible light and thermal images you need to create the most effective documentation. See the results jump off the screen!

The OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) is comfortable with flexible ergonomics. The OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) is famous for capturing great thermal images high above your head or down near the ground and no longer needs to be a back-breaking, knee-cracking calisthenics routine.

With a unique rotating optical block and its interchangeable lenses, the OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) lets you easily tilt up or down along its 120?? range of motion while keeping the touchscreen display right in front of you. See how comfortable and easy it is to ???get the shot??? from any angle.

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Note: Comes complete with SD memory card, 2 rechargeable batteries, 2-bay battery charger, power supply, Bluetooth headset, USB and video cables, FLIRtools software tripod adapter, lens cap, hard carrying case, quick start manual and full operating manual on disk.
Not for export, USA only.

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