Thermal Imaging Demo – Tuesday 19 April

Time: 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM | Exhibition Floor

Demonstrations and Case Studies | Presented by DRS Technologies

SPIE_dsc16Baltimore Convention Center — DRS has assembled infrared experts, and leaders from a variety of vertical markets to brief SPIE Society members and DCS exhibition attendees on the future development of thermal imaging technology and demonstrate the ever-expanding emerging market applications.

Throughout the exhibition, attendees will have the opportunity to hear briefs from the infrared experts at DRS Technologies, as well as industry partners who are applying thermal technology in revolutionary new ways.

10:30 am
The Essential Roles of Thermal Imaging in Industrial Manufacturing Processes
Greg Santos, Industrial Video & Control

11:30 am
Triggering and Genlock with Tamarisk® Infrared Cameras
Chris Johnston, Sierra Olympic Technologies, Inc.

12:30 pm
Technology Behind Small Pixel Pitch Thermal Microbolometers
George Skidmore, Principal Scientist

3:30 pm
Thermal Image Processing Trends and Advantages (ICE™, 3D Noise Filter, Superframe™)
Chris Reed, Sr. Product Manager

4:30 pm
Low Cost, Radiation Free FirstSense Breast Exam® with DRS Infrared
Paul Angott, President, First Sense Medical

As a leading supplier of advanced electro-optical sensor systems to US military and allied forces, intelligence agencies and commercial primes worldwide, DRS Technologies has been developing high-performance infrared imaging products for over half a century.

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