How thermal imaging is helping the mining industry

Nexxis IR app from Australia

Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera Ti125Online — Thermal imaging or thermography plays a significant role in the productivity and profitability of mining companies.

“An important diagnostic tool for monitoring the condition of equipment and machinery within a mining operation, thermal imaging is a safe, non-contact and non-destructive testing technology that allows operators to identify possible problem areas early on, plan maintenance with minimal disruption, schedule preventative maintenance, and test or observe materials in inaccessible or hazardous areas.

“Non destructive testing with thermal imaging has proven to be invaluable in operational areas such as shafts, boilers, heat exchangers, pipes and other metal or plastic parts, bearings, drag lines, conveyors, motors, compressors and a variety of electrical systems.”

“The mining industry also relies on heavy industrial cabling to provide continuous power for production, and thermal imaging helps minimise the likelihood of a breakdown of cables through early detection of problems.”

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