Thermal Imaging Helps Improve the Reliability of Electrical Substations

An applications report from FLIR Systems
Croissy-Beaubourg, FRANCE — An applications report from FLIR Systems details how electrical power utilities, by using FLIR thermal imaging cameras and automation software, have been able to remotely monitor impending equipment failures and security breaches at any time day or night.

Electrical power utilities are faced with an aging infrastructure with an increasing risk of blackouts and brownouts (a dip in voltage in an electrical power supply). As a consequence,?? utilities are looking for ways to address these issues in order to improve the reliability of electrical power delivery while at the same time reducing unplanned maintenance costs.

Through use of thermal imaging cameras and automation software, FLIR and its partners have developed monitoring systems that provide early warning of impending equipment failures such as transformer fluid leaks or internal insulation breakdown. The FLIR thermal imaging cameras are able to recognize differences in the heat signatures of electrical components and the surrounding background, and compare the temperatures of similar components in close proximity to one another.

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A3xxThe FLIR A310 is a fixed mounted thermal imaging camera. It can be easily integrated in all weather housing and installed almost anywhere to monitor critical equipment and other valuable assets. By monitoring the temperature of critical components within electrical substations the FLIR A310 assists utilities in identifying problems before they become costly failures, preventing downtime and enhancing worker safety.

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