Thermal Imaging Metrology

Advanced manufacturing

Screen Shot_NPL_LogoTeddington UK — Manufacturing in the UK is changing rapidly, moving into and dominating the ‘high value manufacturing’ sector. Productivity has doubled since 1997; 75% of R&D spend is in manufacturing; it contributes ??150 billion annually to the economy, over 50% of the UK’s exports and more foreign direct investments than any other country apart from the USA.

Developing economies are growing at twice the rate of developed economies. Rising energy and materials cost see the introduction of new and innovative low carbon technologies.

Advanced economies need to exploit technology to increase productivity and enhance national competitive advantage.

NPL has a critical role in supporting the manufacturing sectors’ metrology needs, providing unique capability, guidance, solutions and collaborative innovation to ensure that they combat these pressures.

Some manufacturing examples of NPL’s thermal imaging metrology support are given at:, such as:

1. Wetsuit development
2. Intelligent textile testing
3. Spacecraft testing (European Space Agency)
4. Healthcare
Improved calibration and validation facilities for diagnostic thermometry, i.e.
a. laboratory based variable temperature standard (TIBB – Thermal imaging blackbody)
*b. portable ‘fixed-point’ in-field of view validation blackbodies (TIVS – Thermal imaging validation system)
5. Energy
a. Thermal shock of SOFC (solid oxide fuel cells)
b. Standard flame burner performance


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