Thermal Inspections of Mobile Equipment

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 Thermal Inspections of Mobile Equipment
Thermal Inspections of Mobile Equipment

Online — It is common to have some equipment costs that exceed one million dollars on today???s market. Many plants and/or operations depend heavily upon mobile equipment to carry out their missions.

This equipment can range from the 300-ton off-road hauler at a gold mine in the western United States to the forklift in the warehouse at a paper mill on the east coast.

In either case, if the hauler or the forklift should fail to complete its mission, plant production can be affected.

Conducting thermal inspections can help ensure your equipment is going to perform its task when you expect it to do so.

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The Snell Group is a leading expert on using Infrared Thermography (IR) and Electrical Motor Testing (EMT). Snell offers training, certification, inspection, and consulting services for IR and EMT professionals and their programs world-wide. They are vendor-neutral and support all types of infrared and electric motor testing equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

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