Thermal Mapping at Key Financial Institutions & Data Centers

Infrared Electrical Surveys & Thermal Mapping at Key Financial Institutions Help Keep Critical Infrastructure Running

3D Thermal MapIR???
3D Thermal MapIR???
2D Thermal MapIR???
2D Thermal MapIR???

New York NY,USA –( — Infrared Imaging Services LLC, a member of the United Infrared Network is providing Electrical Infrared P/PM inspections of switchgear and critical systems at major banks and Data centers. Infrared Imaging Services LLC, in business since 2008, is owned by Wayne Swirnow.

???We are Certified Level III Thermographers and provide professional thermal imaging services to a wide variety of clients.

“We are very pleased having been chosen to be a part of the Electrical P/PM maintenance programs of these financial institutions and are proud that our services are a key component in maintaining full time access to the critical infrastructure systems at these companies, we keep them up and running,??? states Mr. Swirnow.

In addition to performing electrical IR inspections Infrared Imaging Services LLS also offers DataCentIR??? services, an innovative new way to look at cooling systems and hot spots in data centers.

“Using state-of-the-art infrared equipment and a proprietary process we create photographic-quality 2D and 3D Data Center Thermal Map??? images,” added Mr. Swirnow.

“Being part of the nationwide United Infrared network provides our company with a huge resource of expertise in many different applications of infrared Thermography, which we provide to our clients.

“There are several services available from Infrared Imaging Services LLC designed to offer the data center or building manager a single resource for all thermal imaging and thermal profiling needs,??? states Mr. Swirnow.

Infrared Imaging Services LLC offers complete P/PM inspections and Thermal Mapping on all data center and building electrical equipment, and offers the installation of IRISS window ports for safe infrared viewing of critical switchgear and other electrical components without the exposure and hazards associated with the removal of panel covers. Infrared Imaging Services LLC is?? based in New City, NY, USA . DataCentIR??? Thermal Mapping is an innovative new way to present Infrared images of data center cooling systems and server racks.

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