Thermosense XL– Vendors Session

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2018 (DCS)

Monday 16 April 2018 starting at 12:15 pm
Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center

Kissimmee, Orlando Florida, USA
Location: Osceola Ballroom A (Please see below Floor Plan ?)

Since the final program was printed prior to the meeting, please check the room signs onsite. Room assignments are subject to change without notice.

Guidelines for vendors presenters :

1– Links that follow shows Monday 16th April final program:

Vendors Thermosense XL Orlando

SPIE Industry Events Orlando

2— Link that follow shows detail General Oral Presentations guidelines and hardware elements provided from SPIE

SPIE Oral Presentation General Guidelines

Consider only the general guidelines of the above link

In this session Speakers are able to present using their own devices or a flash drive

3—Presenters please report earlier Monday 16 at the room. (before noon) Please bring a thumb driver or other media with your presentation on it. (It can be deleted later if there are privacy issues)

For smoother program flow and orderly presentation sequence we would like to have loaded all the presentations before the start of session. (SPIE computer room Osceola Ballroom A )

Compatibility issues always a concern. Alternatively presenters may supply their own computers, there will be a switch located at the Chair Table to

Switch from the PC Computer, to a laptop. (on site wait until laptop is connected before switching).

4—Each Vendor presentation will have around 15 minutes in total.

We will introduce: Company name –Presentation title, Presenter name and Presenter position. No bio is required.

5–Remember contents wide open: commercial –technical….academic …. It is allowed to bring hand-held hardware to the room.

Vendors orientation non-exclusive technical – commercial session topics

6- If the development of the session gives us time to allow vendors to respond questions will do so.

We will ask the presenter if possible to repeat audience question before answering, as questions cannot always be
heard throughout the room.

7– If any presenter does not arrive on time to the room for his presentation we will continue to the next and we have to move that presentation to the end.

We should try to avoid this happen.

8–Do any of the presenters in the program have any issues or concern with your trip to date?. Please let us know ASAP – email addresses below.

Any question? Please advise. Also, if you have last minute inconvenience please let us know.

Thanks you for your commitment and patience .

Any questions please contact us:

Andres E. Rozlosnik
Sheng-Jen (Tony) Hsieh:

The ThermoSense Vendors Session started fourteen years ago and has become a very popular and well-attended success. This venue provides an early opportunity for exhibitors to highlight their latest technology and products to the Thermosense, IR industry, and Defense + Commercial Sensing (DCS) community in general, prior to the opening of the DCS-2018 Expo. This also enables the technical conference attendees to better prioritize their activities when visiting the Expo. It is a casual meeting with ample time for questions and answers. Looking for state-of-the-art in future generation of IR imagers radiometric and non-radiometric and IR image processing systems and all other hardware and software involve in infrared applications. Interested companies must be an exhibitor at Defense + Commercial Sensing Expo 2018 to be part of this event. Any exhibitor at DCS-2018 offering products or services related to infrared sensing or imaging, or photonics can participate. There are no restrictions to the content or topics of submissions: Technical or Commercial within Infrared Imaging Hardware, Optics, Accessories, and Software. Slots are limited and available on a first come first-served basis. This session will feature brief, roughly 15 minute, presentations (technical and commercial) from hardware to software whose product lines impact thermal imaging applications and the infrared industry in general.